Cavalbianco An Estate with a Thousand-Year History

A hill with a history dating back thousands of years, an estate that has seen the greats of the past such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti pass by, and a valley that serves as a backdrop to an enchanting view. All this, combined with good taste and attention to detail, makes Cavalbianco a true paradise above the clouds.

The History
II century B.C. From Roman times to the Grand Duchy of Tuscany

The history of Cavalbianco has ancient origins, with mentions of the estate dating back to Roman times. It was particularly important because of its ideal position and its vast view over the whole valley.

The Cassia Adrianea, which connects Valdichiana with Valdambra via the San Pancrazio pass, is a significant road. It merges with the path from Palazzuolo, which carries traffic from Arezzo, and the one from Valdambra to form a single passageway leading to Siena. The trail that passes through Cavalbianco is the fastest route between Ciggiano and Palazzuolo. Both towns were important for the production of olive oil and for the stopover of wayfarers and pilgrims during that time.

The Origins
late 1700s From the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to the Baldi Family

In the late 1700s, Cavalbianco retains its importance, but for different reasons, as Ciggiano becomes an obligatory stopping point for the transhumance of animals.

During this period, Cavalbianco passed from the Grand Duchy of Tuscany to the Baldi family, one of the most illustrious families of Monte San Savino, who retained ownership until the early 1900s. The Reverend Baldi purchased the property, along with other estates, in 1782 for 50 scudi, as evidenced by the historic deed of sale, a copy of which is kept in the villa. It was at this time that the present manor was built. Unfortunately, little remains of the ancient colonial house.

The History
late 1800s up till now From the Baldi family to our times

The heirs of the Baldi family in the early 20th century decided to emigrate to Argentina, and sold the property to the Scapecchi family. The latter left the land and homestead in complete abandonment.

XX century
From 2000s A Visionary Family with a Dream

The Marri-Piedimonte family acquired the property in the early 2000s and extensively renovated the ‘casale’ to its current state of beauty. The property is ideal for those seeking relaxation and a full immersion in Tuscan culture.

Divided into four units, this typical rural villa, renovated in the Aretine style, offers all the modern comforts while preserving the historical Tuscan identity.

The Family
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Amidst the Peak of a Hill, Cavalbianco is Born Completely renovated Podere Cavalbianco now offers the comforts of modern life, spaces dedicated to Relaxation and Finding Yourself, while remaining connected to the History and Nature typical of Tuscany
During your stay, you can expect to find...

Our aim is to provide a unique and memorable experience, helping you create special moments, with your privacy and safety as our top priority. Managers will be on hand and on property throughout your stay to ensure your complete relaxation and satisfaction.

The property features an infinity pool with a stunning view of the valley, a gymnasium for your fitness needs, as well as wood and gas BBQs and a pizza oven to indulge in the best of Italian cuisine. Additionally, there are several outdoor areas where you can relax and enjoy the pleasant breeze with your loved ones. These amenities provide ample opportunities to create cherished memories with loved ones.

Discover the accommodation in the heart of the Tuscan hills, surrounded by nature.

Cavalbianco’s two apartments stand side by side and are connected internally by strategically placed doors, allowing the interior spaces to be used independently or as a single complex, depending on the needs or preferences of the occupants.

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